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Volunteer Opportunities

KittyGreySave is a 100% volunteer-run organization. Here are a few of the ways that you can become involved. Check out the Event Calendar for opportunities to participate. Email with questions or to volunteer.


• Help at a GreySave Meet & Greet Event

Do you love telling people how wonderful greyhounds are? Find out about opportunities to do so on our Meet & Greet page. See Meet & Greet photos.

• Be a GreySave foster home family

About once a month we bring a group of dogs up from the track. How many we can bring depends largely on how many foster homes we have. So we are always looking to add new foster homes. Some folks are able to foster only at certain times of the year, and we can accommodate that. This is one of the most important roles a GreySave volunteer can assume. The number of our foster homes usually determines how many greys we can adopt out. Read more about fostering. If you're interested in fostering, email us here.

• Be an Adoption Representative

GreySave Adoption Representatives work with adoption applicants to make sure a greyhound is right for them, and then help them find the right greyhound. Adoption reps must be experienced greyhound owners who care very much about helping greyhounds make a smooth and successful transition into their adoptive homes. They make sure that we have a good understanding of what adopters are looking for in a greyhound. They help adopters think about changes in the new home that could ensure their greyhound has a safe and happy life. They think of issues that adopters might not have considered as they look for a new dog. If you're interested in fostering, email us here.

• Help with Homecoming Day

HomecomingA very special service event is Homecoming Day, where we bring a group of dogs from the track and prepare them to enter their foster homes. Volunteers can help with anything from bringing dogs from the track to facility setup/teardown, washing dogs, clipping toenails, brushing, preparing food for workers, helping with cat and small animal testing, to taking pictures of the dogs. See a description of Homecoming Days in our From Track to Home article. Also see photos from a Homecoming Day or go to our Photo Gallery for even more photos. If you are interested in volunteering at a HomeComing Day, email us here.

• Help with Spa Day Fundraisers

HomecomingGreySave offers "Greyhound Spa Days" in multiple locations where you can bring your needlenose pal for a day of treatment like a king or queen: wash, nail trim, brushing, ear cleaning, etc. We do the work so the owners don't have to! These days will offer many opportunities to volunteer. See photos from one of our Spa Days.

• Be an informal GreySave volunteer

    • Pass out GreySave business cards while you walk your dogs
    • Tell everyone you meet what great pets greyhounds make!